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I'm 40 yrs old going on 25ish. I love to sit in front of my 16 track digital recorder and lay some tracks down...I love being with my children

Monday, August 06, 2007

Back????? Why did I even Go???

Its hard to get back to this especially when I have been away. I have felt I lost so many freinds that I would turn to and they would make my day. I am finally out of an industry that sucked my life and made me loose touch with my 4 boys and family. I made a promise that I would take a year and soley focus on them and I will not break it. I have made enough money so I can do this and really we have found out that as long as we have everything paid for than that is all that matters. Really...sure the savings is going down but I will get that back up but I will have lost memories and time that is more important than anything else. Even more important than Blogging. I do have to thank my old freinds and Pete, Rachel and Michael. Especially my old Bloggers. I have seen you go thru good times and bad and you have helpped me go thru the same. If it wasnt for you than I wouldnt have been able to come back down to earth and focus....thanks........and I will start my Diaries when I go back on the road in 2 weeks.........get ready

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Its Alright Ma......

....I'm only Bleeding. God I love this song. I keep playing it and I still have to stumble quoting the verses. Dylan is my other icon. I love his songwriting, even in the 80's when people say he was losing touch. If you get a chance go on and watch some old stuff with him. There is a great ideo of Lennon and himself in a taxi ride. Classic....drunk......funny........michael :)

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Pete's Diaries....sparked memories....

....of when back in or around 1989 the Who went out and did the 25th "Kids Are Alright " tour. I was so excited to finally work the merch for the in the US. I remember wlking back where the food and beverage was and seen the boys drinking tea and eating crumpits ( I think crumpits). I remember saying what the fuck is this, but only for a second. Then I said "Ok they are a bit too old for that bullshit (drinking and drugging), but tea and crumpits? It really didnt matter, I still think it was the best tour I did.....very professional. I did work the Tommy/Quadrophenia tour with Billy Idol. Unfortunately I was doing too much drugs at the time to remember much of it. I do remember Pete playing 2 feet away from me. I think he spit down and it hit me...or was it my own druel (from nodding off) As Pete says he travels what makes him feel at home in a way. Tea and crumpits. The tea and crumpits to me now doesnt represent the replacement off the drinking and drugs, it represents the thing that makes you feel like home. Being on the road is fucking boring, believe me. The food, the hotels and the hours.
I always feel bad for the bands in a way. I would look in their eyes and see a kind of emptiness. I remember being in the elevator at the Worcester Centrum in Massachusetts with the Drummer From Metalica (before he got cocky). He looked like a nice lad in a faraway town, tired and even with his arm wrapped around his girlfreind, holding her like he was thanking God to have her near. He had a blank look to him, a lonely look or even a shy look off stage. I just said HI, great show. I wouldn't bother him for an autograuph. I wanted him to enjoy his peace with his companion. I let them out and told him to have a nice evening. He looked at me and I could tell he was greatful and he said thank you, you too. They went on their quiet way.
I think these people that perform their hearts out for us deserve that. They need the space. Believe it or not, they are human. So, no more Beatlemania, no more smash your guitar Pete smash your guitar. Enjoy your tea and crumpits enjoy your companion, enjoy your peace.........michael

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

My Happy Ever song

I am now in the middle of a song I am writing. I have called it "My Happy Ever After". The basic idea is ....the bsis of "Happy Ever After" is two people holding hands walking into the sunset smiling, or some other fantasy witha happy ending. Well this song is about my life when it was very dark and me living and lying down thinking to myself that as dark as it was/is it was my Happy Ever After and that is the way it was. To some others it maybe Hell, but as far as my life was, it is "Happy Ever After". The Chorus will go....Can't you see this is me In my....Happy Ever After....Can't you tell this is Hell But its my Happy Ever After. Please listen to the music as I added Drums, which I may delete out. I will also delete the middle where I use the chords in the intro. It makes it too long..... Its a liitle dark but at the time so was my life...please click paste and go....

01 happy ever after.wma

Friday, September 29, 2006

I think this was 1st "Pop Opera" Im a Boy

I really think this was the first "Pop Opera" take a look at Roger in his first roll of the "Head Case Boy" take a look....michael :)

Thursday, September 28, 2006

I can't help feeling sad.....

,,,when I look at old videos of Keith Moon. I was watching The Kids are Alright last night and while I was watching "A Quick One..." I felt sad. He was young in this video always full of a happy energy. He looked so happy playing the "sloppy" drums. I never thought of him as a terrible person that drank too much (even though he was a terribly different person when drinking). He had a terrible pill and alcohol problem since he was 18 years old. He didnt even remember recording Substitute.I have been on the road with a lot of bands (Guns and Roses, Metalica, Motley Cru, Danzig, Stones, and of course The Who) and I remember some of them were rude and terrible coked out drunks with attitudes. Im not saying they werent fun, we had a lot of fun. My good freind Mark was only 14 years old and an usher at the Boston Garden he was told to sit next to this person and make sure he doesnt get up and leave, make sure he stays where he was. That person was Keith Moon. But Keith looked so inocent in those early films. Just a young boy having the best time of his life. I mean boy because when I look at the films I am sitting here as a 41 year old father looking at a 18-25 year old boy. It seems he really looked up to Pete too. During a video I was watching "Pictures of Lily" Keith was having a hard time with backups. His pitch was ear piecing. Pete seemed to give him advice in a "Big Brother Type" comforting way. Telling him to "try it with confidence. I will try to attach the video. I wiil always remember Keith in this way and I am happy for that. As for the film that may come out about Keith, I hope they will try to do the same......

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Pete throws away nice Rickenbaker....